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About Me


Hi Everyone!

My name is Eriel, and I am a NY based actress who LOVES baking cookies! I decided to start this business to help support my up and coming career. My grandmother makes amazing chocolate chip cookies, and inspired me to create my own recipe. To me, there is nothing like biting into a freshly baked, quality cookie, and my goal is to bring that delicious experience to your home for half the price! I would like to include you in continuing to grow this business, so if there is a flavor you do not see and would like to indulge in, please contact me and your flavor could become my newest product!

Find me on Instagram here :)

Thank you, and enjoy!


“Did you make these?!” 

"I have no words...these are amazing."

"Can you give me your recipe? These are incredible!"

"I couldn't put them down."

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